Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Oil Paintings Of Southern State

The great Tanjore Painting is most a special, very old, minute type of painting named after the place Tanjore (Thanjavur in Tamil) in Tamil Nadu, a southern state of great INDIA. These oil paintings are made by the 'cover with golden and gem-set modern technique' a method where gold colored leaves & sparkling shining stones are used to emphasize certain aspects of the paintings like wonderful ornaments, colorful dresses etc. Tanjore wonderful Paintings are known for their art richness, vibrant colors and condensed most composition. Basically serving as devotional different symbols, the subject matters of most of these paintings are Hindu culture  Gods and Goddesses, Saints and Kings as well.

The oil paintings are the sights from the olden holy books of Hindu peoples religion. They are exceptional and rich in sequences of colors, designs, and most traditional techniques mixed with through attention to full details. High class gold foils brushes  are used to guarantee the oil paintings lasts decades and becomes treasures of the family.

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