Monday, 20 February 2012

Fountain Street Fine Art

The Art of Michelle Lougee and Bob Grignaffini,” at the Fountain Street Fine Art Gallery in Framingham try to make known their analysis of the world through shape and paint in a new exhibit: Work of art and Sculpture.

Sculptor Lougee of Cambridge and painter Grignaffini, formerly from Wellesley, aim to portray the delicate relationship between humans and nature using bright colors and defined shapes.

As an environmental sculptor and artist, Lougee forms colorful, spiritual sculptures to arrest the significance of humans’ responsibility to the earth and the notorious question of nature vs. technology. Her effortless, cellular figure depict the reality of the world and communicate a clear message to viewers: “What are we going to do?”

Lougee said that we are in a hazardous place right now. She also added that the way we live affects us in the future.

Grignaffini’s oil paintings reveal his views on places around the world. He captures the society and light that make a sight come to life using bright colors within solid forms. 

Paintings are a “celebration of color and form” within pastoral and small town landscapes, said Grignaffini. He also added that “Everything has spirit in it” and “I try to be honest with the way I’m laying the paint down.” Not all of his subjects are authentic.

Grignaffini - Pathway through a Garden - is intended to be an interactive section for viewers. He tempts us to stair into the painting with an extended staircase fleeting through a beautiful garden of bright greens, yellows and blues.

Both performers add inspiration from nature. Grignaffini’s paintings try to illustrate a sense of movement and life in otherwise stationary objects. Lougee loves the otherworldliness of the ocean and bases many of her figures on deep-sea life forms.

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