Monday, 12 March 2012

Paintings by Patient

For the first time, several drawings by patient from Yerawada Regional Mental Hospital to go on show in island country after unsigned NRI woman sponsors art material worth Rs 1 lakh.It seems that the work of art exhibition by Yerawada patient will be held in Singapore next month. Rajgurunagar (Khed) a professional artist is a patient from is in his mid-fifties.

The exhibition of the patient's work of art has been made possible by the dignified act of sponsorship by an anonymous NRI donor from Singapore. The work of art by the patients has been noticed by the NRI woman, who does not wish to be named when she has a visit to the hospital. She decided to sponsor material worth Rs 1 lakh through the Give India Foundation, to provide the required material for the patient to continue their work of art.

 It seems that the paintings will be displayed along with the well-known painters in Singapore.
Dr Vilas Bhialume said that a patient, who was a painter by profession, undergoes a substance-induced psychotic disorder and also valvular heart disease. An intoxicating since 1980, he was initially admitted to the hospital after a court order on November 30, 2009. Since then he's been admitted to the Yerawada hospital many times by his relatives. He was finally liberated on May 31, 2011, but comes for normal check-ups.

The medical superintendent of the Yerawada hospital Bhialume said that there has been much chronological trust regarding the connection of art to mental commotion. In current years there has been much investigation which provides support to these beliefs. In this case, though, the patient was by profession a painter and so had a natural fondness towards painting and imagination. He also added that he feels great to see a patient with a disorder getting such heights in his career.

Bhialume said that the officials at the mental hospital will now be encouraging artistic skills among painters. In continuation he said that we have one more patient who is also a painter; if parallel chance comes in, he too will get alike honor.  In addition he said that he is sure that these activities will help our patients' quick revival and will also improve their self-confidence.

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