Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Art Of Oil Painting Glazing Media

The arts of oil paintings are the most respected and highly valued of all the wet painting media and with very good meaningful reasons. Oils can be controlled better than anything else in our life.

Oil paintings are also the most expensive painting media and can be the most toxic as well. This set of tube colors, nice brushes, and various mediums cost six hundred dollars. The good messages is the paints are not the problem but the cleaning and glazing media.
The old experiences masters mostly used refined linseed oil painting and turpentine and these have been replaced with much better substitutes in the 21st century generation that do not contain lead.Sadly, there is no much entirely non-toxic oil painting experience. 24 hour hour drying time rather than weeks releases fumes for a short time period and less toxicity is better than extremely intense toxicity. 
Odorless mineral spirits like Gamsol by Gamblin are expensive but get rid of the very strong smell almost altogether. They dilute the arts of paint just as well nice and make clean up a breeze. When oil painting on an upright canvas on an easel, or over any wet colorful painting a ball-stick is a must to keep a steady hand and protect sticky or nice wet areas from getting ruined.

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