Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Basic Of Oil Painting Overview

All paint is a mixture of a dry pigment and solid of a liquid. The oil paint the dry pigment is mixed with linseed oil. Linseed oil is a drying oil that dries by chemical oxidation. That is, it takes oxygen from the air and creates a crystalline solid that encases the pigment in a permanent form reaction . When it's dry it 's never possible to removed.

 Oil paint is so much thick. It comes in tubes of color. The paints are squeezed out onto a palette where they are mixed together with a palette knife to make the various new colors. It's then applied to a vertical canvas with stiff painting brushes.

 Oil paints are slow drying part. Usually taking 3 days before you can put on another coat. The drying time is may be an advantage and disadvantage also. The great advantage is that you have time to refine and adjust what you painting before it dries. This is particularly useful when making gradual transitions from one color to another color. Also if you painting something you don't like, it can be removed while wet using a rag, palette knife or rubber squeegee and replace it.

 The disadvantages are that when putting two wet colors next to each other they can cross-contaminate if not applied accurately. The palette, the stiff  brushes and the wet painting must be handled carefully to keep wet paint off, fingers, food, fabric and furniture etc.,The paint may be manipulated for up to 12 hours after which you must wait three days for it to dry before going back to make any changes. When oil paint is dry, new colors can be applied over old color. Many layers of paint may be applied at any time.


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