Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Oil Painting -Colossus of Rhodes

The oil painting colors says Colossus of Rhodes was a gigantic hollow bronze statue of Apollo. It was erected around old century 292-275 B.C. by Chares of Lindus to overlook the harbor of Rhodes. It required twelve years to build but stood only 56 years until it was overthrown and broken to the  pieces by huge earthquake in 224 B.C..

 The statue stood upward of 105 feet high top on an embankment facing the port (not straddling the first entrance to the port as was often thought).  The legs of the statue were filled with masonry to keep the statue from being top strong heavy.  This and other precautions were unable to save yet another of the wonderful painting ancient wonders from the fury of earthquakes.  It lay broken on the rocks for 896 years until Arab conquerors sold it as scrap metal in 672 A.D..


  1. Its really sad to here that a 12 years effort is destroyed by earthquake

  2. Commissioned oil painting reproduction have been the mainstay of his work through the years but also many paintings of landscapes and others have been completed along the way.

  3. Very nice collection, I can use this canvas paint as a gift on valentine day